What Does OTG Mean and How To Use It

What is OTG and Its Uses

“OTG” Stands For “On The Go” and is a type of cable that allows connecting USB devices to your Android device. With USB-OTG, you can mount Flash Drives, Hard Disks, Pen Drives, Card Readers, mice, keyboards, microphones, modems, etc., in your smartphone.

Basically, we can use all USB peripheral devices for data sharing without using a computer. However, OTG is only supported by USB OTG-compatible devices.

The cable has a USB-A connector on one side and a phone connector. When you connect your phone to a computer with a regular USB cable, the phone serves as the storage device, while the computer is the main device. Additionally, an OTG cable lets your smartphone be the primary device.

What Can You Do With OTG?

An OTG cable lets you connect a USB flash drive, mouse, keyboard, hard drive, or another smartphone to your phone or tablet, for example. This is helpful if you want to type on your tablet with a keyboard or transfer apps from one smartphone to another. 

Additionally, there are OTH hubs, which allow you to connect multiple devices to your device. This way, you can use both a mouse and a keyboard with your tablet.

In late 2001, USB On-The-Go, also known as USB OTG or just OTG, was first used to allow USB devices, such as mobile phones, to act as hosts, allowing other USB devices, such as mouses and keyboards, to be connected to them. Using USB OTG, these devices can switch between hosts and clients.

USB OTG is capable of more than that. If you enable your device to act as a USB host – that is, to be the master of other devices you connect to it – you can use hardware such as storage, keyboards, and even musical instruments.

Uses of OTG Cable in Smartphones

Several computer gadgets that used to require a computer or laptop can now be connected via USB through OTG. One of the best and cheapest phone accessories, the OTG cable has many uses, including:

  • PenDrive can be used in Android smartphones
  • You can play games on your Android Smartphone by connecting with Game Controller
  • Can connect a USB keyboard to an Android smartphone
  • Can connect Android Smartphone to Camera
  • USB Mouse can connect to Android smartphone
  • Using USB LED Light in Mobile
  • The Internet can be accessed by connecting Android Smartphone to LAN Cable
  • Charging another mobile from one mobile.
  • Can connect the smartphone to a sound card or microphone
  • Using External Hard Drive in Mobile.
  • Can connect USB fan to the mobile device.
  • And use two memory cards simultaneously.

On-The-Go is represented by the acronym OTG. However, There Are Some Uses of OTG Full Form is “Oven Toaster Griller” in kitchens, or the Meaning of OTG is “On The Go” cable. 

Does OTG Works on All Mobile Phones?

Almost all smartphones and tablets that are currently available support USB On-The-Go. Or would you like to be sure? You’ll see the USB OTG logo on the packaging of your device if it is supported. If you don’t have the original packaging on hand, you can use Google. However, if your smartphone was released within the last two years, you can almost guarantee it will support it.

Additionally, You can check if your device is capable of OTG by downloading the free app “USB OTG Checker” to your device.

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