How to transfer Playlists from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

How to transfer playlists from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

Today, we will learn how to copy playlists from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. Google’s YouTube Music is a streaming service that lets you access YouTube music videos based on your playlists, genres, and other preferences. YouTube Music allows you to stream any song you want, offline and with no ads. It can also be accessed from both mobile devices as well as computers, all while protecting your privacy.

Youtube Music can be tried for free for one month. After that, it can be renewed by an annual subscription. What do you think in place of Google Play Music? The service that is provided by Google will soon cease to exist and it’s likely to be an ideal time to move the playlists of Google Play Music to YouTube Music. Exporting playlists created by Google Play Music is a little difficult when compared with other music streaming apps, and only using two of the music engines which have been tested the job. Let’s look at how to move playlists from Google Play Music to YouTube Music.

How To Move Playlists of Google Play Music Playlist to YouTube Music

Soundiiz is a website application that is compatible with Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and other streaming music services. The following steps will guide you through the process of transferring your Google Play Music playlists to YouTube Music:

  • Log in using your social media accounts or create a new one. You do not have to verify your account this way. It will save you time. You can also register using your personal email address if you prefer
  • From the TOOLS section, select the Transfer option in the left sidebar after registering
  • Now a new window will open. If you have the free version of Soundiiz, you can only transfer playlists, then select Playlists
  • Soundiiz will now ask you to choose a music streaming service from which to transfer playlists. Choose Google Music.
  • Google will ask you for an access code at this point. This is Google’s second verification system that it uses to protect your account. You can get your access code by clicking the big blue button with the word GET AN ACCESS CODE
  • You will need to re-enter your Google login information, after which an access code will be automatically generated. All you have to do is copy and paste it into the space under the GET AN ACCESS CODE button and then click on the Connect button
  • You can now choose one or all of your saved playlists on Google Play Music. It doesn’t matter if you have a free account or not. Click on the Confirm and Continue button.
  • There are a couple of other options that Soundiiz offers that other music data engines do not. Next, click Save configuration.
  • Now select the destination for transferring music files, in our case, you will have to press on the YouTube Music icon. Log in using your Google account and allow Soundiiz to access your YouTube account
  • As the transfer process begins, it may take longer or shorter depending on how many playlists and tracks are being transferred. It may take only a few minutes to transfer a single playlist.

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