The best smartphones you can buy in the middle of 2022!

Best Smartphone

The best smartphone in the world if we look at the camera as the most important item is definitely the Huawei P50 Pro according to DXOMARK. According to other features, the following smartphones are at the very top. And these are Xiaomi Mi11 ultra, Oppo Reno 6 5G, and Black Shark 4 Pro. However, if you personally do not like any of these phones, do not worry because we have prepared a number of other models that are among the top best mobile phones in early 2022.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra is definitely a great choice as it offers the best performance in multiple fields. It has one of the best cameras, but at the same time offers outstanding performance thanks to ultra-strong hardware. However, that is not all because it also has a built-in battery that offers very good autonomy. Like all other smartphones at the very top of the best, the screen supports 120 hertz in terms of refresh rate.

We are also pleasantly surprised with a camera that can even have 100x zoom. The only downside to us is definitely the price, and that’s additionally because you don’t get a charger. So if you want a quick charge, you will unfortunately have to buy an additional charger. But if you are looking for a top quality mobile phone then this mobile phone is one of the best that exists on the market.

iPhone 13 Pro

As usual, Apple introduces a new iPhone every year, which always comes with some new innovations. But before we go any further we want to emphasize that Apple is known for the fact that all their products including the iPhone are top quality. And they pay attention to every detail in the production itself, down to the software itself. The situation is the same with the iPhone 13 Pro, which has an upgrade on camera part.

But also a 120 hertz screen that will allow for more comfortable use. Although the camera sensor is the same as in the last series, the camera still has some novelties, and a new way of working. Because through the software, they enabled the use of larger pixels when taking photos, but also added the Cinematic mode option. In terms of price, the iPhone 13 Pro is a bit more expensive compared to the Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra.

Huawei P50 Pro

The recently introduced Huawei P50 Pro has very similar features to the previous P-Series model. But it would really be unserious for Huawei to introduce a new top model that lacks some novelties. Huawei P50 Pro is the first smartphone with a Dual-Matrix camera system. This system allows the user to take more photos and images with more detail and color than with a conventional camera system. Especially in situations where the lighting is dimmer. Since the P series is more camera-oriented. So accordingly, this phone has a Persicope zoom lens that creates beautiful photos with a lot of detaisl even at 100x magnification. So if this isn’t the best smartphone of 2022, then we really don’t know which one it is.

OnePlus 9 Pro


In the very beginning of this Chinese company, their smartphones generally offered much better hardware for a lower price compared to other more famous brands. However, this situation is slowly changing. Well currently their smartphones are a bit cheaper compared to the competition. The OnePlus 9 Pro is currently their best smartphone to boast of their own cameras. With this model they want to pay attention to the cameras. But in terms of other technical features, it doesn’t lag too far behind other mobile phones. Therefore, this phone has a 6.7-inch screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. And indeed the screen has a rich display. Since it supports the latest HDR10 + technology. Of course, like all other mobile phones on the list, this one also supports fast charging.

Best smartphones Conclusion

As we have said before nowadays, buying a smartphone is sometimes not easy. Because realistically, all smartphones, at least the best smartphones, are very similar in terms of technical characteristics. We actually believe that your final decision to buy phone will be decided based on your personal experience.

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