Technology in the kitchen, new experiences to prepare food

Kitchen and Technology

Technology lives all around us, being connected all the time is already an everyday thing and currently, spaces such as the kitchen also integrate technological developments that make life easier. 

The digital kitchen trend presents minimalist, modern, functional, and fully equipped spaces. Cooking time becomes a time to enjoy and explore new recipes that can be found with a single click. 

Of course, this type of kitchen also seeks to achieve practicality through technological devices that add a better experience in the kitchen.

A fridge that reminds you what to buy?

The interactivity offered by the most recent innovations allows, for example, knowing what products are inside a fridge without having to open it; the above helps increase energy savings and keep food fresh for longer. Some use a glass screen, others have internal cameras. 

In addition, they have functions such as creating shopping lists and analyzing the products that are in the fridge and those that are missing. Then they connect with a Smartphone and the notification arrives so as not to forget to purchase the products.

Other developments also provide nutritional food information, suggest recipes, or indicate the expiration date of products, the temperature of the refrigerator, and the level of general hygiene. Read more about Office Pantry.

Virtual assistants in the kitchen, “in case you need a hand”

There are various virtual assistants that, through voice command, start a washing machine cycle or control the functions of an oven. Some allow you to control the devices from anywhere. Of course, you must bear in mind that it is necessary to have appliances that integrate WiFi or LAN connection and a good Internet plan for the Home. ? 

Among the most popular assistants are Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

And there are also virtual chefs, a mom’s dream come true!

Through applications developed for this purpose, there are ovens of different brands, which have virtual chefs to guide the programmed culinary recipes step by step. Others include specific indications of the model of the appliance to achieve perfect preparations.

Some ovens use electromagnetic waves to analyze the texture of food and achieve precise cooking. Ideal for those who burn their lasagna.

If you identify with this style of digital kitchen but are not yet thinking about buying new appliances, we invite you to apply the following tips to gradually transform one of the most used spaces in your home.

Tips for having a technological kitchen:

1. The first thing: is it necessary to have plugs? in the different parts of the kitchen and thus be able to connect all the devices that will begin to make up your technological kitchen. Similarly, check that an internet network is available or that the range of the wireless router is adequate.

2. Think of suitable support to support mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets that you use when searching for new recipes on the Internet, sharing your preparations on social networks, and using gastronomy apps. You don’t want them to get stained or damaged while you’re making a delicious Neapolitan sauce!

3. Improve the experience in your kitchen by setting music. How about including a speaker with a Bluetooth system or Wi-Fi connection to sing or dance while preparing your favorite dish?

4. What if you start with saving electricity? There are accessories such as motion sensors that make it easy to activate the light switch in the cupboard, a piece of furniture, or a kitchen shelf without contact. Surely this small detail will leave your guests amazed and will provide the touch of modernity you are looking for!

The kitchen of the future is already a reality. One day we will be able to tell you that Robotina (a robot) is waiting for you with dinner served.

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