Printer Supply Memory Error 10.00.01 Fix [Easy Solutions]

Printer Supply Memory Error 10.00.01

As time passes, the quality and functionality of printers have greatly improved since new models keep appearing in the market.

Even though the latest printer models have replaced the traditional printing method, some printer users have been having issues with the 10.00.01 supply memory error that prevents them from printing the desired document. 

But why does this happens?

We have identified some reliable solutions to resolve this error and found multiple possible causes for this error.

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What Causes your Printer to Display Supply Memory Error?

There are a number of reasons for supply memory errors, and the most common ones are listed below:

  1. There is a lack of firmly connected metal chips on the toner cartridge, which can lead to the supply memory error.
  2. The microchip data may be outdated, resulting in an error message.
  3. There might be debris inside the printer.

How to fix supply memory errors on your printer?

Solution 1: Check the circuitry on the inside

In the case of HP laser printers, you should keep in mind that the cartridge is connected to the printer through a microchip. If the cartridge chip is loosely attached to one of the pins present within the printer, the circuit becomes incomplete, causing the error to appear on the screen. To ensure that the connection is secure inside, follow these steps:

  1. Shut down your printer and pull the plug out of the main socket.
  2. Pull out your cartridge through the cartridge access door.
  3. Make sure the microchips on the cartridge toner are clean.
  4. With an eraser, remove the carbon that has accumulated on the chips and ensure they are clean.
  5. Locate and thoroughly clean the metal pins within the printer with an eraser.
  6. Place the cartridge back in the printer and make sure the pins and microchip are firmly connected because if the connection is loose, the cartridge won’t be detected by the printer.
  7. After closing the cartridge access door, reconnect the switchback to the main socket and restart your printer.
  8. Check whether the error continues or not. If you still get an error, let’s move to the next solution. 

Solution 2: Carefully Remove the packing material

You need to remove the protective packing material from these supplies before using the printer for the first time because the packing material remains inside the printer when it is powered on for the first time. Additionally, the internal electrical connections are affected by this packing material, so remove it from the inside to fix this problem.

Solution 3: Observe the orange color notch

Take out your toner cartridge if you haven’t been able to resolve the issue. Just remove the orange color notch on the left side. Replace the cartridge and restart the printer to resolve the issue. Furthermore, the cartridge’s notch might be broken off on the left side, which goes into a guided slot and helps lift the chip reader to the cartridge’s chip. Since the chip reader remains down, there is a high likelihood that the cartridge cannot be read; therefore, the toners have become unseated and aren’t touching the contacts correctly, which results in the supply memory error.

Solution 4: Update the Software.

The outdated software can cause a lot of errors in the printer, including the supply memory error. The printer manufacturers most often release updates regularly. You should configure your printer to download them on time; however, if you missed the latest updates, you can update your printing software manually by following the steps below.

  1. Connect your printer to the internet and make sure that the Wifi icon is turned ON. 
  2. From the top left of your screen, click the Settings icon.
  3. Now, select Printer maintenance from the dropdown menu. 
  4. For software updates, select Update printer and choose Check for printer updates now in order to see if there are any.
  5. After the updating process is complete, restart your printer so that the updates can take effect.


The best thing you can do if the problem hasn’t been resolved is to call HP Customer Support on 0845 365 3605, so they can locate your account and arrange for replacements to be sent to you if needed. 

The contacts in the printer are likely squashed, or there is a problem with the firmware or chip on the compatible toners that cause this HP supply memory error. Your only option is to return them to the shop where you bought them and get a replacement.

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