What To Do After Someone Hacked My Netflix Account and Changed Email

Netflix hacked and Changed Email - How To Recover

For many people, Netflix is a great streaming platform for watching thousands of movies and series. However, it is so annoying to become the victim of a hack on this platform, e.g., when a change is made to account access.

Every user may become a victim of a hack at some point, so knowing what to do if this occurs is imperative. Our next discussion topic will be how to deal with a Netflix account being hacked. To start, let’s discuss how to determine if your Netflix account was hacked.

How To Identify if Your Netflix Account Was Hacked?

Not every hacker who targets a Netflix account is concerned about changing all the access data and other personal information to completely take over the account. Hackers may gain access to the platform and use it to their advantage, hoping it will go unnoticed.

By checking the view history of the account, you will be able to determine whether or not the account has been hacked. You might not be able to access the history if you deleted it. To begin, log in and go to the ‘Account‘ section; then click on ‘View activity‘ and select ‘Recent device transmission activity.’

Through this tab, you will see where you have accessed your account from. This information will make it possible to know without a doubt whether it has been hacked.

In the event that a user’s account has been hacked, recovering it in this way will be easy; all you need to do is change the password. But if the user’s email address has also been changed, the subject will be different. Let’s see how you can handle cases like that.

How Can I Recover My Hacked Netflix Account

Netflix account access data, such as emails and passwords, are sometimes hacked and completely altered on occasion. These circumstances will prevent account owners from accessing their own accounts. Taking action in these kinds of cases will be a bit more complicated.

After these changes are made, Netflix will email you that your access data (email and password) have been updated successfully. As a result, we should alert technical support that we did not make this change. However, the process is a bit more complex.

A good intruder could easily change all the information on the account, including the credit card number, making it impossible to prove which account is yours. People who this evil has harmed testify that it’s best to give the lost account; in the best of situations, this will be closed completely, although you may also complete it yourself.

The solution to these problems will depend entirely on the customer service team assigned to the case, so you will only have to wait patiently while everything moves forward as planned.

Why Won’t Netflix Let Me Update My Email?

Netflix makes it difficult for users to update their email addresses in some cases. These issues are primarily platform-related. Those issues can be resolved by logging out of the platform and logging back in, then updating the email details again.
First, you need to create an account on the Netflix platform. You’ll find the account section in the upper right corner of the taskbar. Click on ‘change account email‘ under ‘subscription and billing‘. The problem should be resolved immediately.

The number of hackers today is so surprising that everyone is vulnerable to these types of attacks. By following these suggestions, however, you will be able to deal with a similar mishap efficiently.

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