Instagram Threads, the new app to keep in touch with your closest friends

Instagram Threads

As one of the most popular social networks, Instagram wants to continue providing the best experience for its users. To stay competitive and dominate the competition, Instagram has launched a new app, Threads. Threads is a new messaging app that lets you stay in touch with your closest friends. Would you like to know more? So don’t miss this post.

More About Instagram Messaging App, Threads

Threads is an Instagram application that is intended to be used only by your closest friends. This app allows you to instantly send any text, photo, or video to your friend list.

Additionally, it encourages constant and passive sharing of your location, status, and other personal data, which may result in some privacy concerns.

Furthermore, you can choose how long others can view your statuses. The most controversial thing is that you can set up an automatic state, which will update your progress throughout the day. This means that the app will notify you when you are at home or at work, for instance, and update itself accordingly. 

The app also allows you to customize shortcuts for your closest friends. If you primarily use it for texting two or three people, you can place your profile picture at the bottom of the camera screen. You can take a photo, tap your friend’s profile picture, then swipe up to send it. Quite simple!

Instagram continues to battle Snapchat

With Threads, Instagram offers a messaging service to complement the direct messaging capabilities that it already offers and compete with Snapchat.

Now we will have to wait to see how Instagram users react to the application. Nevertheless, it looks like a good decision for the Facebook-owned social network.

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