How To Post a Job on LinkedIn

How To Post a Job on LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides a platform for employers to post job openings directly on their sites. Many LinkedIn users appreciate the reliability of the platform they are using to hire employees. Indeed, the platform is highly popular in this respect.

Employers and recruiters around the world can easily find and contact active job seekers and passive candidates through LinkedIn’s professional network. You can expand your network through past and present colleagues and increase your chances of finding a job through referrals. LinkedIn members enjoy access to senior executives from world-leading companies, creating an opportunity-rich environment.

Does it cost anything to post a job on LinkedIn?

You do not need to pay anything to set up a LinkedIn account. It does, however, offer other paid services. The cost of Recruiter Lite costs $99.95 per month, whereas the cost of Corporate costs $825.

Initially, you should understand that job postings on LinkedIn require a payment. The system works on a pay-per-click basis, which means you need to provide the budget and payment details for the job posting. The post will be visible on LinkedIn until you close the account or you run out of the budget you’ve set.

How Do I Post A Job On LinkedIn?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on How you can Post a Job on LinkedIn

  1. Sign in to your LinkedIn account at
  2. Click the “Work” tab at the top of the screen, then choose “Post a job.”
  3. The text box should be filled in the upper right corner of the tab that is fresh, and then press “Post a job” (the company section will contain your personal information).
  4. Use your regular LinkedIn login credentials to access LinkedIn Talent Solutions.
  5. Select the appropriate work and industry for your company (you can pick three industries maximum).
  6. Provide a detailed description of the job, employment type, seniority level, required skills, and your preferred method of applying (via the company’s profile or another site).
  7. Tap “Continue.”
  8. Include your screening questions for the job and then tap “Continue.”
  9. Set your daily budget and click “Proceed to Checkout.”
  10. Enter your payment information, review your order, and click “Post Job.”
  11. That’s it! Your job has been posted.

As soon as your job is posted, you’ll receive a confirmation email, as well as suggested matches and free InMails to reach out to your matches. Additionally, your job will be included in LinkedIn’s jobs database.

How to Post a Job on Linkedin for Free

1. Use Company NewsFeed

The external application link you add to your job opening update will appear in the feed of everyone who chooses to follow your company page. Therefore, it will be seen by more people as more people like the page. If you want to get the most out of your LinkedIn company page, promote it on other platforms.

2. Ask Employees to Share

Are your employees using LinkedIn? You may be surprised at how many of them do. You can ask people within relevant departments to post job postings in their feeds now and then. This could result in higher-quality applicants because the position is more widely advertised. Using an employee referral program may make your employees even more supportive of your strategy.

3. Use Groups To Promote Jobs

Now is the ideal time to join a group if you aren’t part of any already. If you post a job advertisement in a group, make sure you follow their rules to avoid being seen as spam. Don’t just advertise your job openings in the group. Participate in group discussions as well. The group should be made up of caring members who support their company’s overall interests as well as the community.

Posting Job on LinkedIn

LinkedIn still dominates the recruiting industry. It remains the largest social networking site dedicated to professional networking. With its large database of information about education and employment, it’s worth billions of dollars. However, by using its database, people can easily find or create a job.

I hope this article helped you to post a job on LinkedIn. If you have additional questions, make sure to comment below.

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