How To Open OBB File And Install Android Games

How To Open OBB File Android

Developers are working to reduce the size of APK. Apps and games have more functionality than ever before. They have created an OBB file to separate the main file data. This type of file is used by APK developers to compress large amounts of data and provide users with fast and effective service. Without the right APK, no one can find out what is actually in an OBB file. You need the correct APK version to access the OBB file.

You won’t have the ability to use an OBB file if you have an APK file with version 1.1. It is possible that the OBB file won’t be recognized by the APK. It may be recognized in some cases. Developers have now stopped allowing you to do this for security reasons.

Continue reading to learn more about OBB files and how to install game apps using OBB files on Android phones. Let’s get started.

What is OBB File and How Does It Work?

OBB ( Opaque Binary Blob ) is a file type that allows you to store large amounts of APK data in an easy and lightweight way. It contains mostly encrypted data such as Graphics, Media Files (Songs Anthem, Gameplay, and Trailer), as well as graphics. It looks like binary garbage from the outside. Knowing the file extension is the only way to identify this type of file. OBB files are accessed only by apps (Apps & Games) that have access permissions or access functions.

OBB files are now included with nearly every game: Call of Duty Mobile PUBG mobileGarena Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile. It seems that most Android games will include OBB files in order to store large assets. OBB files contain the game’s main assets and can be large. Users also need large storage space to save or download the OBB file. Let me now explain how to connect OBB files with APK.

How To Connect OBB File To an APK

First, make sure both the OBB file (and APK) have the same version. You cannot connect the files if they are not of the same version. Make sure to download the same version of any APK you have downloaded with OBB files. This will prevent any problems later when you connect the files. You have completed the main step once you have downloaded the file successfully.

To connect APK and its OBB file, first install APK. Next, place the OBB files in your storage>Android folder>Obb folder. Once you’ve copied the OBB file to the Obb folder you should verify that it is in the correct storage. If APK recognizes the OBB file, and it starts running, then you have correctly placed the file. If not, you will need to modify the storage.

Many users trying to connect this type of thing put the OBB file into incorrect storage. They don’t know the full extent of their storage system. To help you with this situation, first, check whether you have any external storage on your phone. External storage is any device that allows Android phones to store data without using their internal storage. External storage example- SD Card, USB Storage, etc. You must confirm that both the APK and OBB files will not be connected if the APK is installed in internal storage.

It is essential that you install the data and keep it in the same storage. The APK won’t recognize an OBB file if it doesn’t. It will attempt to find the file in a different store than the OBB storage. Sometimes, you may also receive a DATA file that contains the assets of the APK. The OBB file should be located under the Obb folder, and the DATA under the Data folder under External/Internal storage>Android. After placing the file in the correct storage folder, the APK will recognize it and allow you to connect to and run them.

Now you are familiar with the steps to connect the OBB and APK files. Let me now show you how to install an APK with an OBB file on your Android phone.

How to Install APK Game Using OBB File on Android Phone

Let me share with you the steps required to install Game APK on Android that has an OBB file. Before you start, ensure that your Android phone has enough space for both the OBB file (after downloading) and the APK. After downloading the Game OBB and APK files, you will need more space. OBB files are large data files that contain APK data. These data get extracted by the APK when it recognizes them and attempts to access them. The OBB file may need twice or half the space. After you have enough storage space, you can follow these steps to install Game APK with OBB file on Android.

  1. Install Zarchiver from Google Play Store to extract the OBB file. (If it is in Zip or RAR format)
  2. You will need to keep the OBB file as well as its APK in separate folders so that you can easily remember their paths.
  3. First, download and install the Game APK file to your Android phone. Click on the APK file and click the Install button.
  4. Wait for the Game APK installation to complete on your phone.
  5. To exit the installer, click the Done button after it has been installed.
  6. You don’t need to open the APK if the OBB file is in the correct folder. Each game needs its own OBB folder in order to be recognized and verified. The OBB folder name typically contains characters from the Game name and publisher names. Launch the APK to create the OBB folder automatically under storage>Android>obb.
  7. After the folder gets created, place the OBB file under that specifically created folder under External/Internal>Android>Obb>Game OBB folder. Place the OBB file in exactly the same place as the Game APK.
  8. Go to your App drawer, and then launch the Game. Depending upon your phone’s performance, it might take up to 1-2 minutes for the OBB files to be recognized by the game. Don’t minimize the game if you see a blank screen.
  9. Once the OBB file is successfully recognized by APK, it will extract all data and allow you to play the game.


It is difficult and confusing to install Game APK with an OBB file. They were used to install Apps & Games on the official Android App Store. To install any game or app from Google Play Store, all you need to do is press the Install button. After a few minutes, the game will be downloaded and installed automatically. How do you manually install an OBB file? This article will cover all aspects of the OBB file. I also have the steps for manually installing OBB files in Game.

Follow the steps I have shared and you can manually install the Game with the OBB file on your phone. Comment below if you have any questions about the OBB file or installation of the Game. I’ll be glad to assist you as soon as possible.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article about how to install APK + OBB on Android phones. Share this article to help other people who are confused about how to install it. I look forward to seeing you at the next one. Peace!

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