5 Best iPhone Launchers You Should Try in 2022

Best iPhone Launchers

The best iPhone launchers will let you experience iOS on an Android phone. You will find many launchers for Android phones on the Google Play Store. Some are free, and others are paid. These launchers can be customized with iOS-style implementation. After activating the Launcher on your Android smartphone, you will get the original iOS experience. After trying out more than 10 launchers, I finally found the best iPhone launchers.

This article will highlight the 5 best iPhone launchers that feel original. If you don’t have an iPhone but still want to try it, you’re in the right place.

Let me explain everything about these launchers before I show them to you.

What is iPhone Launcher?

iPhone Launcher is usually a theme application with an iOS-style layout and interface. You can feel iOS in iPhone or iPad with iPhone launcher/iOS Launcher. You can customize your Android phone to look exactly like an iPhone using an iPhone launcher, just like the other launchers Android.

You will find many options in most iPhone launchers to choose the style you want. You can change the theme wallpaper and customize your notification style.

Can iPhone Launcher be used to replace Android’s function?

It is not true that the iPhone launcher will replace Android functions after activating it on Android phones. Even though most Android users have never tried it, many still believe this myth. Any launcher or app can change the look and feel of Android, but not its functions.

The booster is a device that claims to speed up hardware and improve performance. The program then implements a feature to close all processing, ultimately increasing the phone’s performance. Trust the data of someone who has seen it.

Can the iPhone Launcher be removed from an Android device and the iPhone Launcher reverted to its Default state?

You can remove the installed iPhone launcher at any time. This will allow you to return to the native Launcher on your Android phone. The Launcher will not be visible in the app drawer. The only way to uninstall the iPhone Launcher is through the Application Manager from Settings. Once you have uninstalled the iPhone launcher, the default launcher will be used by your Android.

Here are the steps to get rid of the iPhone launcher on Android, even if it is not in your App drawer.

  1. You can access the settings panel or the settings app to open the phone’s settings.
  2. Click on the App management option. It is possible that you will see a similar option.
  3. After you’re in App Management, scroll down to find the iPhone launcher that you activated on your Android phone.
  4. Next, tap on it Explore Options and press on Uninstall to get rid of it.
  5. Done.

You may notice a black screen after you remove the iPhone launcher. This is normal and happens on most Android phones. You may notice that your Android is becoming slower. These issues can be fixed by clearing your phone’s storage cache and restarting your Android phone.

Let me now show you the best iPhone launchers for Android so that you can experience iOS on your device without it being installed (iPhone or iPad).

5 Best and Free iPhone Launchers For Android Phones

Here are my top 5 iPhone launchers that I recommend to anyone trying iOS on an Android phone.

1. Launcher iOS 12

This is the latest iPhone launcher available in the app store right now. Launcher iOS 12 uses the latest iOS version. You will see all the new features in this iPhone launcher. Launcher iOS 12 has the highest rating iPhone launcher. It has been downloaded over 5,000,000 times and is highly rated by over 262,920 users. This iPhone Launcher is the best available.

Launcher iOS 12 is my recommendation to find the best Android Launcher. It is customizable and will use less battery than other iPhone launchers. It also has similar benefits; I recommend it highly.

Launcher iOS 12

2. One Launcher

This Launcher is simpler and uses the iOS theme. One Launcher allows you to experience iOS on Android. iPhone-like transition effects, icons packs, style, layouts, and style. It works flawlessly even on low-end phones, which will amaze you. One Launcher developer has taken great care of battery life and performance.

One Launcher is a great way to get iOS on a low-end Android smartphone. It won’t slow down performance and consumes less battery.

Get One Launcher

3. Launcher for iPhone 7

This is the most used Launcher for Android phones. The Launcher for iPhone 7 looks almost the same as the iPhone 7 device launcher. This Launcher looks the same as an iPhone 7 device. You won’t notice any differences if you remove the body cover. Stock wallpapers, icons packs, and themes are all similar to what we’ve seen on iPhone 7.

The Launcher for iPhone 7 is a great way to save hundreds of dollars if you love the iPhone 7 but don’t want to spend too much.

Launcher for iPhone 7

4. iLauncher OS 11

This is the simplest iPhone launcher I’ve found on Google Play Store. iLauncher OS 11 is based upon OS 11. All the UI in your phone will be changed, similar to OS 11 is activated. iLauncher, a sleek, lightweight, and fast Launcher, is only 4MB in size. It includes all the features that OS 11 had, including Latest Wallpaper and Icon Sets and Powerful App Manager.

The best thing about iLauncher OS 11 was the 8 screen animation effects. They are all super cool.

Download iLauncher OS 11

5. Phone X Launcher

It’s also very similar to Launcher iOS 12. You will love Phone X Launcher. Don’t wait until you can afford the phone. Install Phone X Launcher on your Android to live the life you want. Phone X Launcher is compatible with OS 12, the most recent OS. You can use this Launcher to experience OS 12 in action. Phone X Launcher includes the style, icon packs, and transitions.

It’s completely free and can be used on any Android phone. You can download it from Google Play Store by clicking the link below.

Download Phone X Launcher

These iPhone Launchers will help reduce your Android’s battery backup.

Your battery backup will indeed be less if you have more launchers installed on your Android phone, including iPhone launchers. Many launchers have many features that enhance the Android’s background processing. You will notice that your phone’s background processing will consume more battery. You can see how quickly your battery drains when you play Android games.

When you play a game on Android, tons of processing occurs in the background. The same goes for launchers. You will notice a slowing down of your battery when the iPhone launcher is active. You won’t have a fast battery draining issue if you use the Lightweight iPhone Launcher, like the one I recommended.


This article will explain a lot about iPhone launchers. It also lists 5 top iPhone launchers. You can try them all to find the best one for you and your device.

Let me know which iPhone launcher you like the best from the list by commenting below. If you have a question, feel free to post it below. We will see you at the next one.

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